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Meet Des,

Des was born in the swinging '60s and has been self-employed for over 35 years, mostly in the building or construction business. But this all changed a while ago when he discovered a group of dedicated professionals, who train and mentor people, to master the art of creating incomes from the internet.

Des was looking to change his work as he's not getting any younger and arthritis was becoming a problem, so it was getting painful for him to carry on building, decorating, carpentry, plastering, etc! And as he says, "just trying to relax of an evening after work, was just as painful as working during the day"

As well as this, he had actually lost interest in what he was doing, he felt no fulfilment or satisfaction anymore and had actually started to hate each working day. And this, a career that he once loved!

work, typing, computerNow working from home on his laptop, he finds that he's enjoying life more, and having fun, but more to the point, having plenty of time for his family, being able to work for a few hours a week and from anywhere with an internet connection has made an amazing difference to his life!

Des never really understood why everyone works the OLD corporate way, giving away "time" for products, for money

(and often working many more hours than we should or even get paid for!)

And then having to go out of our way, to prove we are still productive enough, to justify being there!  Earning just enough to pay the bills at the end of the month, and then, start all over again, knowing that the next month will be exactly the same as the last! 

Einsteins' theory of madness 

doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting

something different to happen!

Working for a Boss?

Doesn't it seem like you're building their dreams for them, instead of building a future for you?

Des grew sick of working for others and making them rich, very early on in his work life, and so started working for himself aged around 21, always one for opportunities, he has learned and tried many different things, but never really achieved much more than earning an income, sometimes he made good money, and other times he was broke! But, "most" of the time he was having to work long hours, either to keep up with everything or to earn enough to pay the bills!

So whyfishing, father, daughter did Des decide to do this type of business?

In simple terms, apart from getting out of the building trade that he'd grown to hate, he'd have more freedom and time to do things he enjoyed doing! And also to pursue things he's always wanted to do but never had the time or money to do them with!

As with most of us nowadays, Des was spending more time on the internet, buying goods and materials, and gathering general information about all sorts, and of course, most correspondence, bills, and invoicing was done this way, so he could see that this was definitely how the future was panning out!

More and more of his friends and relatives were doing everything online, from household groceries to buying and selling cars or ordering taxis for a night out, etc. He just knew, that there was an ever-increasing internet population, both personal and business-wise, and that both people and businesses were making money this way too! This was the bit that got him thinking!

There is no shortage of customers or money! And, it was only going to KEEP growing!

He wondered if it were possible for himself to open an internet shop with "Amazon" ... but didn't know what he could sell or how to do it, and started looking for information ... he found loads! Unfortunately, there was way too much information out there and everyone seemed to have their own opinions and ideas about how and what to sell! It was so confusing he didn't know what to believe or who to turn to, and why were they asking for so much money? Who was scamming and who was legit? He even tried asking Amazon themselves but soon got the feeling that even they were more interested in numbers than giving helpful information!

And so, he almost gave up on that idea!

So, How did Des get here?

After searching high and low and coming across too many people that wanted to take his money and make him a millionaire overnight with some sort of "GET RICH QUICK SCHEME"! He happened across an advert that popped up on YOUTUBE!

The guy was called Steve and he was very much a "normal" and "sincere" person. He used to be a chef, working very long and awkward hours. Like Des, he had spent a long time looking for an alternative way of earning, as he was fed up with his chosen path and never had enough time to enjoy life!

Des could tell that Steve was serious and that he was genuinely interested in helping others achieve what he had achieved, in earning his income from the internet! And so signed up for more information.

He introduced Des to a series of videos, that showed him how he, could achieve his intentions of hanging up the tools on his building business. It was in these videos, he realized that apart from being able to learn how to sell things on the internet, there were also many other ways of earning money online, and this really grabbed his attention!

Although Des could 'use' a computer and knew how to connect to the internet, that was about as good as it got! ... but after professional "step-by-step" guidance, training and mentoring, and with help and assistance from their own social media platform and help centre, he was able to start his own online venture.

So what exactly does Des do?

Des markets other people's products and services as an affiliate member; in this case, he's serving the very people who taught him how to do this. However, he did originally sign up to learn how to sell products online through e-commerce on big shopping sites like Amazon. He is still very interested in doing that, as the training and information are in his personal opinion, the best the world has to offer, but for now, he's able to "EARN whilst still LEARNING"!


The training covers all aspects of creating incomes from the internet, it doesn’t matter how old you are, where you're from, your gender, or your background, it makes no difference if you are starting from scratch, or a seasoned professional looking to enhance your skills or increase training, business, classbusiness potential, there really isn't any discrimination.

You might want to create an income by marketing other people’s products or services, or maybe you want to market your own products or services that you already have or source and sell directly on Amazon or Shopify.

They cover every aspect of marketing whether paid or free from straightforward text ads on a search engine like Google or promoting your website or social media page on Facebook or through advertising or media such as blogging, vlogging,  or Video advertising on YOUTUBE.

In a world changing so rapidly, it’s nice to know we can all keep up and change with it.



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